Wood Fiber Dishwashing Towel

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A scouring pad that does not use detergent to remove oil stains Do not use dishwashing detergent with wood fiber kitchen cloth towels Precautions for the use of Yuliji dish towel:

 1. Soak the dish towel before use, preferably soak in water for 5-10 minutes. Wood fiber barrier oil that is saturated with water is more effective. 

2. Do not scald with hot water above 80 degrees. Wood fibers will shrink and break after being scalded.

 3. Gently rub and twist when cleaning, the wood fiber is not as strong as chemical fiber, and it is easy to break. Wring half dry after use, it is easier to clean than dry. 

4. When cleaning solidified animal fats, such as lard and mutton oil, use hot water to scald the solidified oil on the utensils, and then use the oil to clean it. This product has a particularly good isolation effect on vegetable oils 

 Size/weight:  26*26cm ;31g/piece

Material: Coral Fleece Color: pink, green, blue, yellow 


 1. Double-sided super soft, comfortable, antibacterial, durable, environmentally friendly and water-absorbing. 

2. Oil-free, easy to clean, help us clean tableware, stoves, sinks, etc. 3. Better remove kitchen stains and protect family health. 

4. Do not use any dishwashing detergent 

 Why is Yuliji dish towel so magical?

 The wood fiber is smooth and full, and forms a hydrophilic film when it meets water, that is, the lotus leaf effect makes it difficult for oil to penetrate into the fiber. It has a natural self-cleaning and self-cleaning function. Cotton towels can also wipe off the oil, but because the oil is fixed The surface of cotton products is extremely difficult to clean. The isolation function of wood fiber products naturally separates from oil stains when exposed to water, making it easy to clean oil stains. Wood fiber has a low unit density, feels soft and smooth, and has a unique velvet feeling, with good brightness and color. Bright. The oily dishwashing towel is made of 100% pure natural wood fiber, does not contain any chemical substances, super decontamination, strong water absorption, easy to dry, easy to wash, wipe oil stains, stains, sweat stains without any detergent, oil-resistant, Does not stick to oil, clean water after rinsing, no damage to the wipes, leaving no traces! The oil-removing dish towel is de-sugar and degreasing, and has anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial functions. No matter how long it is used, it is not slippery, non-greasy, non-odor, non-irritating, non-static, and non-mold. Uses: cosmetics, makeup removal, face washing, bathing, washing and care; household appliances, floors, vehicles, equipment, maintenance, hotels, bathrooms, living rooms, glass, cleaning; tableware, drinking utensils, tea sets, furniture, and scrubbing.


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