Magic Paint Water Elf

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DIY steps:

Step 1: Add 1kg (2kg) of water to the container;

Step 2: Add 40g (80g) of calcium lactate to the water and stir with a stir bar until the ingredients are dissolved;

Step 3: Put the mold in dissolved water and soak for 5 minutes;

Step 4: squeeze the color glue into the mold, add auxiliary tools such as sequins according to your own preferences;

Step 5: put the finished mold into the solution, and shake it left and right until demolding;

Step 6: let the finished product soak in the solution for 5 minutes, then remove it and put it in clean water for 20 minutes.

Note: 1KG water need 40g sodium lactate, 2KG water need 80g sodium lactate, please choose a storage box of appropriate size.

Package Included:

According to the selected package

random  6model +random 4 bottle (50ml) 

Magic water spirit weight is heavy so the price is very high

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