Long Head Deep Hole Marker

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Color: 1pc Black
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20mm Long Head Marker Pens Bathroom Woodworking Decoration Multi-purpose Waterproof Deep Hole Marker Pen Red/Black/Blue Ink


Type: Nib Marker Pen

Body Size:135mm

Diameter of Lead:0.7-1mm/0.0275-0.0003in

Nib: 20mm long nib

Color: Black/Red/Blue/Green


--Waterproof and quick drying, Extra-long 20mm, fine round tip.

--Suitable for furniture decoration, bookshelf, marked light drilling position and hardware processing.

--It is also a deep hole in metal processing, automotive manufacturing and other manufacturing industries. Mark the processing location.

--Also mark on the surface of metal, glass, aluminium, sheet metal, concrete, stone, iron, steel, glass, wood, plastic and etc.

Package Included:

1 * Long Nib Marker Pen


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